A Poem by David

For my brother, Daniel

This is for you, my brother.
You were a brother, like no other!

Over the years, we had so much fun
Who knew that you would die so young?

When I think about all of our memories,
it makes me sad.
But it is so much sadder to think of what
we could have had.

I still cannot believe you died.
Your life, a too short ride!

It has only been a short time since you died.
But to me, it feels like you have been gone for a lifetime!

I never thought that you could be gone,
but now it is true...
I am who I am, mostly because of you!

Someone once told me not to tell you goodbye.
But to say, "I'll see you again".
So I will never feel right until that great day in heaven.

I will miss you so much, my brother.
To me, you were a brother like no other!

August, 2006